Stamped Concrete Patio Langley

Texture Stamped Concrete Project

finished stamped Concrete in Langley

Stamped Concrete Patio Prep

The plan, which, like so many of our projects, initially began as a vision, this is the starting point. 
  In the absence of any formal blueprints, we created something on paper to demonstrate how the water would drain, as well as the general design of the required stairs and concrete retaining wall, and then we began constructing the project.

Concrete Design

As a spot to unwind and enjoy the summer, the backyard resembled a gravel pit, which was quite uninviting. The New Plan, we decided, would be a large patio surrounded by concrete planters that would be low maintenance and practical while also creating a really welcome setting for the owners and their guests.

drainage plans for a concrete patio

Our architectural concrete finish of choice for the retaining walls and borders was a light wash architectural concrete technique, with multi-color stamped concrete used for the inside areas, for a total of seven colours. You can see how we constructed the multi-colored, custom-cut, and grouted stamp concrete in more detail in a different stamp concrete project. 

before picture of a concrete patio
formed planter walls

Viewpoints are combined to depict the yard’s dramatic transformation from a variety of angles and perspectives.

multi color Stamped Concrete Patio in Langley

Drainage is Crucial

From a variety of angles and perspectives, several pictures of the yard are merged to highlight the incredible improvement that has transpired.

excavator digging a concrete patio in Langley
New patio project under construction

Numerous retaining walls are also the appropriate height and thickness for people to easily sit and engage are around the perimeter, bench style. There is a 120-foot concrete retaining wall around the 1500-square-foot planters.

texture stamped patio in Langley
finished stamped patio project

Mini Excavation Services

Seven dump truck loads of dirt were required to remove all soil from this property, which was facilitated by the narrow gate. We provide a range of different-sized equipment to assist you in completing your assignment more effectively when access is tight.

patio under construction with finished walls
Langley Stamped Patio in the back yard

Stamped Concrete Patio

To accentuate the risers, the concrete steps were poured independently from the stamped concrete flatwork. The risers are lightly washed and include an overhang to provide the illusion of floating; these stairs are contemporary in style and are particularly popular with homeowners looking for an appealing modern stair riser design.

prepping a stamped concrete backyard patio
brown stamped concrete patio Langley

Seven distinct colours were added to the concrete to simulate natural random stone. Much of nature’s rock is multicoloured, and our customer requested that the stamped concrete give the look of actual stone with a full range of colours to make it visually attractive and unique.

Each stamped concrete patio we make is different, and colours may be customised to the customer’s wishes, ranging from a single shade to a rainbow of colours; the options are truly endless.

Langley Stamped Patio newly sealed

A 4 Week Project

This residence has a stamped concrete walkway connecting the side yard to the rear patio and back yard. In addition to the major stamped parts, there are stamped sections every 10 feet along the walkway. Despite the fact that it started with nothing and was finished in just four weeks, this back yard patio renovation was a roaring success in every way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments concerning this project. We appreciate any feedback you may have.

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