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A close look at Structural Stairs

A client contacted us about replacing his ageing, unsteady wood stairs with concrete steps in order to enhance the beauty of his property while also increasing the safety of others who use the stairs. We like a good challenge and were delighted to accept this challenge.

Wooden steps to be removed for concrete
Concrete steps drawing

Architectural Concrete Steps

We first drew up how the new concrete steps would appear, which were pretty similar to the existing ones, highlighting areas where additional support for the concrete stairs would be required. Due to the current design’s suitability for the property, we chose to essentially replace the wood stairs with concrete ones while maintaining the original dimensions.

A gigantic 24′′ thick structural wall had to be constructed before the cantilevered stairs could be installed. Rebar was used to join all of the piles and footings together in a single monolithic pour.

formed grade beam wall for support for concrete steps
forming near completed for concrete steps
Close up picture of installed rebar

Structural Rebar Required

Due to the high tension on the cantilever landings, connecting them above the structural wall required an excessive quantity of rebar, both 15M and 20M. The structural wall was dowelled on both sides with epoxy-coated rebar, ensuring that the concrete would not shift or slide away in the future.

Steps newly poured in the city of Langley

This project used a 35MPa air entrainment concrete that included plasticizer to achieve the desired results. A total of 28 days were needed to allowi the concrete to attain 90% of its strength and ensuring that there would be no movement at any hinge points in the concrete when the forms were removed after it had been poured. Because there were no visible cracks on this concrete stair construction, it was a successful method.

The endeavour was a resounding success. The final product was a hit with the owners. We were able to preserve their valued original design while transforming it into a new modern structural concrete step.
If you have a concrete stair project or any task that requires superior craftsmanship, please contact us or send us your designs; we would be pleased to create your concrete project.

modern Concrete Steps in Langley

Langley Concrete Step Construction

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about this project or any other, we love feedback.

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